Introducing Task Timer

Do you ever find yourself procrastinating often on tasks that you really should be doing? Have you ever seen time drain away, as you aimlessly wander the Internet? Have you ever taken a break, only to find that hours have been lost?

Introducing Task Timer, a novel new approach to a timer, now available on iPhone and iPod touch. 

According to Motivational Speaker Brian Tracy, the ability to work on a task, without getting distracted, until completion is an essential key to success in life. Yet in today’s society, keeping on track is easier said than done. 

You’ve experienced distractions, and you’re not alone.


Hear that ticking? Task Timer ticks continuously like a simple kitchen timer, and the perpetual ticking keeps your brain rolling through challenging tasks. Choose from four different alarm sounds to tell you when your time has elapsed.

Task Timer on iPhone can also provide vibration alerts at specified intervals for when you are in a quiet environment such as a library.

Want to take on a new task? Not yet -  Task Timer forces you to specify a new task to perform instead. Do you really want to do it now? Or can it wait?

Task Timer doesn’t allow you to quickly pause and resume the timer once started - thus forcing you to stick to your original task - or choose a new one.


Task Timer works well in combination with any existing Time Management or Motivational system you use.

It functions perfectly with the Two Minute Rule of David Allen’s Getting Things Done, allowing you to perform multiple tasks in quick succession. 

It is perfect for the popular Pomodoro Technique, and in combination with the ‘snooze’ function, allows you to take clearly defined breaks in between bursts of hard work.

It works seamlessly with Merlin Mann’s (10+2)*5 technique, as well as giving you the freedom and flexibility to devise a system for yourself.


Task Timer allows you to take breaks in between activity. Allow yourself a couple of minutes to take a rest, get some water - or take a longer break - Task Timer keeps track of your time while you’re gone.

Enjoying your work, and feeling good? Keep on going with a single tap.

Task Timer keeps on timing while the app isn’t open - but watch out - don’t let yourself get distracted by other apps!

All you need.

Task Timer’s uncluttered, beautiful interface is a cinch to learn, and it stays out of your way for you to concentrate on the doing, not the organizing, leaving you in flow, and stress free.

Quite simply, Task Timer is the only timer you need to stay productive in the pressure of today’s distraction filled world.

How would it feel to experience improved productivity and reduced stress throughout your life? Try it out, and see for yourself!

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